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Year 2000 news archive

Rats take first place in Edmonton Festival

Rats place 6th of 98 in Kelowna Festival

Rascal Rat sighted in Kelowna fountain; police give chase 

Rats sighted in Kelowna beer tent! 

Bogus weather bumps boats

Paddlers boycott controversial decision

Rats take hits, hospital takes Rats


Slutty Rats caught spooning in bed!

Werewolf Rat sighted at Siesta Motel

Calgary team forgets to remove the keg from their dragon boat; finish out of the top 10

Canada Teams race in 5 kilometre marathon in Sweden


Elaine celebrates another year!

Magic Rat Bus does tortoise impression

Magic Sharon and Bruce defect!




Padding in a special wooden dragon boat...this one was made in Hawai'i

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Sep. 4 Newsletter

Paddler of the Week