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Sep. 24, 2000



Habib secretly made his way to the beer tent while being chased by the police, and then he was caught on film here, just before hiding his hat and himself beneath the table

 “(huffing and puffing) If any cops come looking for a tall wet guy, tell them I'm not here!”

 -Habib, cowering beneath the beer table

 “Hey, Bruce!  Is that your soggy feet rubbing against my leg under the table?

 -Smelly Rat Sharon


Hey!  We're promoting positive public relations with the Calgary Magic Dragons here!

(left to right) Brian, Habib, Smelly Rat Sharon (in grey top), Darlene, Phillip, Bruce (arm in the air).


Whassup!  We just placed in the top 10, so we're celebrating with some Okanagan Springs!

(left to right) Dave B., Mistress Tania, Sheila P., Nick (in the back), Joanna, Robin (in the back), Andy (in the tank top).






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