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Sep. 19, 2000



At approximately 2pm on Sunday, the Okanagan Lake spirited a sudden southwest wind, blowing furiously to cause 14 inch waves and whitecaps within a 10 minute span.  This blew the staging boats all over the bay, forcing the race marshalls to cancel Race 55.  It was during this dry galestorm that Rob was injured at the docks.

Lasting for over 70 minutes, the grievous wind shut the entire festival down, grounding the Rats and their race 56 competitors on the beach.

“Why are we waiting?”

-DHF Team

Why are you whining?"

-Stumptown Oregon team


This photo was taken seconds before Rob had his accident.  You can't see him behind all the paddlers, but he is at the end of the dock, almost entirely underwater, trying to prevent the one boat from pitching into the moorings.

The Rats (in blue jerseys) swarm to stop the boats from getting smashed by the wind.  You can see Tom and Katrina in the foreground, and Habib waist deep in the water.

Rob is hidden in this photo: he is submerged at the far end of the dock, about to be squished by the boat of white shirts.





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