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Like swarms of unstoppable rodents, the EDBRC River Rats dominated the Edmonton DB Festival. These blue-skinned critters squirmed their way into every nook and cranny on the festival site, and then scurried away with 2 gold medals and a silver medals!


Pop the champagne... we won the gold!

Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats!



Yes, race fans, the Edmonton River Rats did not disappoint...they paddled furiously to two gold medals and a silver medal in the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival 2000!

After the smoke cleared, the final tally was:

EDBRC River Rats 1 : Fastest Team Overall, gold medal:

EDBRC River Rats Too : Aurora B Division, silver medal

EDBRC Muskrats Womens Team: Borealis C Division, gold medal:

Special congratulations to our all-women paddlers, the EDBRC “Muskrats”, who beat multiple co-ed teams to take the Borealis C division gold.  

"We're not getting beat by no girlies” 

-a quickly-humbled male

"Wow... those girls are babes!"

-an amorous fireman in the beer tent

"Holy #%$&@! Those chicks are good!"

-a spectator beside the finish line

"Holy SH*T!  They won!"

-another  spectator beside the finish line


The “River Rats Too” paddling team managed a silver medal in their Aurora B Division, losing by boat length to the very strong Nordic Ski Club.  Excellent work, Rats Too!  

"Is that Phillip who's out of time?"

-a spectator

"No, that just looks like Phillip..."

-another spectator


And big congratulations to the “River Rats 1” paddling team, who is the first ever Edmonton team to take the Festival gold medal away from the very strong City Police team!  The final race was a tough heat, but the Rats 1 boat surged ahead in the last 50 metres to take the gold away from the Calgary Magic Dragons and the City Police.  


-Sheila during the final race

"huff, huff, cough, gag, gag..."

-Dennis after the final race

"Power stroke? The whole race was a power stroke!!"

-Kaye at the docks after the final race


Thank you to all the terrific Edmonton paddlers who have made the EDBRC a winning club in its first year of competition!


Earth Photo Caption
Our beautiful womens team


A 4-boat race, 50 metres after the start


Female Muskrats: paddles up!


The festival final race... a photo finish!


Resting after the race