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Sep. 19, 2000



The night after he heard stories of Ogo Pogo as a fertility god for young men, Snoring Spoon Rat Tom was caught straddling Slutty Rat Jeff  in bed later that night.   

(not their real names)

It would have been a secret interlude if not for Tom’s loud snoring, which awoke both the Rats in the next bed, and the neighbours next door, who rushed in with video camera in hand. 

“Holy Cow! What is that awful noise? Is that Bigfoot you’ve got in here?”

 -first neighbor in her pyjamas

“Quick, honey, film that!  There… on the bed!  Those two half-naked men spooning each other!!”

-second neighbor in his bathrobe

“Yeah, that guy... of all you Rats, that guy doesn't fit in. He's different somehow...”

-Bruce, pointing at Slutty Rat Jeff in the restaurant

Awaking in a fit of embarassment, Slutty Rat and Spooning Rat cowered into the bathroom, amidst squeals of delight from the cameraman and his wife.

Videos are now available for $19.95


I'm Slutty Rat... would you like a sensual massage?
I'm Slutty Rat... would you like
a sensual massage?

Would you mind giving us some privacy?
We want to spoon!

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