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Sep. 14, 2000

Ringa ringa pakia!  Waewae taria kakino ne ake!



There were lots of good things about the Kelowna festival, including how the crowds loved the Rats Maori Haka. Each time the Rats performed this war dance, the onlookers cheered! 

At one point, the Rats haka literally scared the pants off the Vancouver Electric Dragons, who had pulled down their shorts in an attempted response. 

“It was the only way we could preserve our diginity after your cheer…  you guys are awesome!” 

-an Electric Dragon who displayed his bare ass

 “F*ck, that was really cool” 

-DHFL paddlers

“We want the Rats!  We want the Rats! We want the Rats!” 

-the Warrior team requesting our haka

“Can you guys do that again?  We want some of your energy!” 

-another DHFL paddler 

“Holy Sh*t.” 

-someone in the beer tent 

“Can you do that again for the camera?” 

-Reporter, CHBC News Kelowna


A Kamate Kamate K-ora!

The haka background sound should play shortly in wav file format.

To replay the haka, click REFRESH or RELOAD at the top of your screen.


kamate kamate kora!




Tanatei tangata puhuru huru!

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