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Sep. 19, 2000



Sunday was also a tough day for the Rats injuries, looking more like a CFL third quarter than a dragon boat race

Mr. Rob Borreli, our Marketing Representative, took a blow to his back.  Heroically diving into the water to prevent a wind-blown boat from slamming into the docks, Rob got trapped between the 4200lb loaded boat and the wooden dock.  The heavy mass compressed Rob’s back and bent leg.  Managing to walk it off at first, Rob collapsed into a painful ball on the beach.  Amidst hundreds of onlookers, an Oregon doctor and St. John’s ambulance inspected Rob, and eventually gurneyed him to the local emergency room for X-Rays.  As of this writing, Rob’s injuries do not require him to remain as an inpatient in Kelowna.

“Rob, I get your big screen TV, OK?”


“Hey, I feel great!”

-Rob, after several hits of Motrin and codeine

Our other damaged paddler, Michelle M., took some serious torsion to her shoulder joint, and was unable to paddle a third heat on Sunday.  She remained with Rob at the Kelowna emergency room.  Gratefully, her injuries are also minor enough to keep her from the hospital bed. 

“Does anyone have any spare smokes? I'm stressed.”

-Michelle at the hospital

Big cheers for Rob and Michelle, who have displayed the mettle and spirit that River Rats are becoming known for! 


This is Rob right after he was initiated into the Rebels motorcycle gang... doesn't he look sweet?



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