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Sep. 19, 2000



As the big wind began to settle, and a small window of calm water appeared, the Race Director decided to shuffle the race shedule.  Hoping to finish the medal-awarded races before the wind returned, the Race Director initially chose to bump the Rats race #56 back, and then later chose to cancel race 56 altogether.

The shore-bound Rats, Epic Express, CVA, Predator Blades, and Draco Sports Club, waiting for three hours on the beach, were indignant at this call, and protests flew.

The Epic Express suggested some novel ideas to settle the deferred race, including arm wrestling and tug o war and a dance competition.  Then they took a look at Dennis, and decided that would not be a good idea.

After waiting over 3 hours to race, the Epic Express, CVA, Predator Blades, and Draco , many of whom had to catch flights back to Vancouver and Calgary, chose to leave without competing, effectively boycotting the final race.

“This is BULLSH*T! We’re never coming back to this kind of festival"

-Epic Express paddler-

“That’s not what dragon boating is about.  We’re here for the spirit and the community and the culture, not because some medal-awarded teams should get priority on the water."

-CVA paddler 

“Edmonton is a better festival… at least you guys treat your dragon boaters with respect.”

-a paddler from Calgary

By default, this left the remaining River Rats in 6th place overall, but the victory was tasteless.  After 4 hours of waiting on the beach, wearing lifejackets and watching other boats race through the wind, the Rats finally chose to leave the site at 5pm.


We're Epic Express... and let's show that Race Director what we think of his decision to defer our race!


Hurry up, Magic Dragons... before they give last call at the beer tent!


Sponsors of the Calgary ESS Draco team



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