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March 15 2001: AGM minutes

15 March 2001 Annual General Meeting Results

Topics discussed:

1.  Festivals we have chosen to race in: Vancouver Alcan (women's), Saskatoon in July, Edmonton in August, Kelowna in September.  Possibility of San Francisco in October.

2. Muskrats Women's Team practices and fees were discussed. Two potential new women paddlers were added to the backup roster.

3. Coaching clinics: new coaches/drummers/steerers will be trained for 2001.  A coach from the strong Calgary Canoe Club may be brought to Edmonton for a weekend clinic.  Dates TBA.

4. Ten new Directors-at-Large were appointed by acclamation to hold leadership and voting roles with the Club Executive.  These names include: 

Michelle Follensbee
Lisa Jordan
Angie Guerreiro
Nick Hindle
Elaine Wannechko
Bilinda Wagner
Annette Hudon
Catherine Lea  (hop a long Cassidy)
Sheila Porter
Tania Topolnysky
Nykie Graham
Speedo Boy Robyn

5. 2001 Dues: $360 in dues were collected the night of March 15, for a total of 14 new Rats paddlers this year.

6. Informal Elections results: Dennis Belair is returning as President and Papa Paddler.  Brian Lee is returning as VP Treasurer. Paul Gil is returning as Chief Information Officer (Web Rat). Rob Borrelli is now officially our VP of Marketing.  And Michelle Manovich is our new club Vice President.

7. Paddler Forum: feedback from last year's membership is requested via email.

8. Forecast for 2001:  with the addition of several new leadership resources, the club should enjoy a smoother infrastructure and cleaner deployment of nightly practices.  The challenges will be with establishing a dependable communication structure amongst our large executive now.

9. Secret things were also discussed  (not to be published here)

10. Insurance for 2001:  we are now under the umbrella of the White Water Paddling club, and all EDBRC paid members will be protected against river incidents, including crocodile attacks and acts of alien abduction.

11. Fundraising suggestions: many thoughts were raised, the most prominent of which was the partnership with the Urban Lounge pub for a fundraising party.

12. Several new paddlers offered to disseminate brochures at their respective organizations, including the U of A. These people's good will shall be promptly abused, including Bilinda's offer to do desktop publishing for the club  :)

Padding in a special wooden dragon boat...this one was made in Hawai'i



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