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DB Links and Resources

An animation of basic paddling technique: 

Get more specific information about paddling technique 

Below: here are some suggested links to learn more about dragon boating.  If you would like to see your dragon boat site link here, please email us via 
the River Rats webmaster


DB Training and
Info Resources
Teams and Clubs Festivals
See paddling technique here
False Creek, Vancouver
Edm Dragon Boat Festival
Alvin's Intl. Dragon Boat page
DB Teams around Canada
Alberta Dragon Boat Festival
Six Sixteen Manufacturers
DB Webring
Vancouver Alcan
download the Dragon Boat Training Manual
(Fitness and Technique information, 221kb, 22 pages, Word 97 format)
Magic Dragons
Ottawa Festival
Dragonboat Canada
Gorging Dragons
UK World Championships
Intl Dragon Boat Federation
Electric Dragons 
Boston Festival
INTL Dragon Boat links


Hong Kong DB Festival
International Asian Longboats

Worcester Dragons

New York Festival

DieselFish, California

DragonCup USA

Ontario Teams

GWN, Ontario

Draggin' Butt, Manitoba

Babelfish: our gracious host