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Paddler of the Week

Tonia Potolnysky


Age:  32

Sign: Libra

Occupation:  Massage Therapist and homeopathic consultant

Favorite Song: "Fernando" by ABBA

Favorite Movie:   Truly Madly Deeply

Hobbies: scrabble, tattoos, leatherworking, and reflexology

Personal Hero Figures:  Madonna, Janis Joplin

Favorite quote: "God was my navigator, but we crashed in the mountains, and then I had to eat him."


Here's Tonia, yelling at us: "you are weak!"

(after this photo was taken, 
she pulled out a riding crop
and began flogging the lead paddlers
for being out of time)

Tonia recently got her Massage Therapy certificate at a local college, and we're so happy to have her on our team!  She really knows how to rub us the right way!

We were scared of Tonia at first... when she rode up on her big motorcycle to her first practice, and then insisted on paddling in a leather tank top and chaps.  

(We said it would be OK as long as she wore something underneath her chaps).

Well, ever since then, Tonia has been one of the most popular members of our Rats club!  And she constantly surprises us with new tattoos and piercings! 

For you single guys:  yes, Tonia is still unmarried, and she's a real hot catch!  But better move quick... Ned Bindle was last seen bringing her gifts of massage oil and leather straps!

You're the best, Tonia!  Glad to have you paddling with us!

(and thanks for letting us hang our keys on your nose ring!)



Here's Tonia on her Heritage Softail Classic... which she hand-painted herself.

Her leather top, apparently, provides DOT-approved buoyancy in case of a capsizing.


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