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Tania painted us up like Maori Warriors again... egad... we look like angry rugby players!

This Tragically Cool team from Vancouver looks really intimidating in their colours! Team AusCan paddling home from victory... having just beat the strong ""Who's Team" from Calgary A photo finish in Ottawa!

Pulling away from the docks, ready to race...

Team Tsunami from Ontario Vancouver... egad, it can get so cold and wet here!
Pull!  Pull!  Dig!  Dig!  winning photo of the False Creek Womens Team in China Look what happens when your team gets sponsored by an alcohol distributor

Almost-perfect form... a little more upper-body rotation at the catch, and then we're talking world-class technique!

Vincent takes a baby boat onto False Creek in Vancouver... Help!  I'm being kidnapped by the visiting team!
Pink Ladies are the best! Komodo Dragons of Ontario Boats manufactured by GWN in Ontario