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River Rats, and their All-Women Muskrats!  Seen here on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, August 2000

Being awarded our gold medal for winning the entire festival! Dennis, our president... pretty hip for a white guy. This is Mr. Robin Young, posing with his bevvy of beautiful Muskrat women!

Muskrats!  Paddles up!

Rats in Kelowna, September 2000 The festival final race... Calgary Magic Dragons against the Edmonton River Rats
This is Ned, after a hellatious afternoon of celebrating in beer gardens Our Chief Information Officer with his clipboard Champagne for the winners of the Edmonton Festival

Dennis Belair, proudly cheering for his winning teams!

2 boats ahead of the second place team, we paddle to a victory! The River Rats chant their haka to the crowd!
Beer gardens... we rule there, too! Barb doing the "YMCA" dance to the cheers of many men ELain drinking from the winning cup
4 dragon boats plus the race marshall, 50 metres after the race has started Barb, Robyn, and Katrina... showing us their triathlete shoulder muscles

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