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Sep. 19, 2000



The bus ride was a grievous experience for both the Rats and their companion Magic Dragons. 14 hours there, and 12 hours back. 

Alan, our safety-conscious and non-speedy driver, showed up on Friday morning with a museum artifact called an MCI diesel bus.  

Putting along below the speed limit the entire way, Alan took our two DB teams on a convoluted tour of the City of Calgary, the Okanagan Valley. The City of Kelowna, and the South Side of Edmonton. 

Only through heavy drinking, cat calls from Jeff and Andrew and Robyn  and Katrina, videotapes, and Tamara’s bus flirting, was the long trip made bearable for the 42 paddlers. 

Thanks for getting the teams home safely, Alan!

“Why did we just drive around through that residential neighborhood?” 


“Yay, we passed a truck!” 

-Robyn K.

“Has anyone seen my martini glass?” 


Alan's Magic Bus... circa 1952
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