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The Featured Paddler of the Week is Ned Bindle.

Age:  29

Sign: Pisces

Occupation:  Bus driver

Favorite Song: Bolero

Favorite Movie:   9 1/2 Weeks

Hobbies:Line Dancing, painting in the nude, and ballroom dancing.

Personal Hero Figures:  Mike Tyson

Favorite quote: "Rehab is for quitters."


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Ned is a bus driver for a small school bus company... he takes care of herding rodents to their schools during the year, and during the summer, he paddles and steers with us River Rats.

Ned is a really multi-dimensional guy, having recently taken up tango and flamenco dance lessons...claiming that he meets lots of girls that way.

When he is not behind the wheel, dancing flamenco, or holding a paddle, you can find Ned in front of the TV, watching boxing while doing crochet.

It's great to have you paddling with us, Ned!  You're the best!

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