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Paddler of the Week
September 1, 2000


The Featured Paddler of the Week is
Kaye Drew

Age:  27

Sign: Taurus

Occupation:  Tennis and ski instructor

Favorite Song: "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees

Favorite Movie:  Dirty Dancing

Hobbies: interpretive dance, macrame, floor hockey, and stampede wrestling

Personal Hero Figures:  The Rock from WWF

Favorite quote: "It's all Mind over Matter:  if you don't mind, it doesn't matter."


Dancing and yelling in ancient Maori tongue... what a way to spend a Friday night with Kaye!

Kaye is the woman in the center,
doing her haka chant with other
half-naked paddlers

Kaye is a tennis instructor during the summer months, and a ski instructor during the snowy winters.

Kaye is a really outgoing gal... she'll take you to play floor hockey, then to the pub to watch wrestling, and then she'll drag you onto the dance floor to do Maori haka dancing! (Just see some of her half-naked fans here in this photo)

When Kaye isn't busy with a racket, a loincloth, a hockey stick or a set of skis, you can find her quietly doing macrame in front of WWF Wrestling with her 7 cats.

It's great to have you paddling with us, Kaye!  You're the best!

This is Kaye's fan club... she managed to convince all of them that half-Monty is the way to go!
Go, Kaye, go!

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