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The Featured Paddler of the Week is Katerina Bluefen


Age:  28

Sign: Leo

Occupation:  Dental Hygienist

Favorite Song: "I Dream of Genie" from the TV series

Favorite Movie:  Silence of the Lambs

Hobbies: handgun shooting, tae kwon do, watching Dolph Lundgren movies

Personal Hero Figures:  Brett Hart, Charlton Heston, Sylvestre Stallone

Favorite quote: "Everything is mind over matter...if you don't mind, it doesn't matter."


This is K. just before she goes skeet shooting

This is K. after a good hard paddling practice.


Katerina would never have found the River Rats if it weren't for Spooning Rat Tom.  He was at the dentist getting his teeth done by Katerina, where she accidentally made his buccal gums to bleed.  Tom promptly spit blood everywhere in a big hissyfit, demanding that she make up for it somehow.

Although Katerina refused to go out with Tom on a date, she did consent to try paddling with Tom's River Rats club, and then we got her hooked!  Now  "K"  is one of our front paddlers, and always the first onto the dance floor at all the club parties!

We all thought Katerina was kind of weird at first, the way should would always bring her chicken-foot keychain onto the boat  (something to do with good luck).  

Then, during practice, she would insist on yelling "Armageddon!" at the beginning of every race and then counting Power Tens in German.  

"...neun, zehn! Graben Sie schwerer pions!"

After a couple weeks of this, Andrew welled up the courage to ask her why she was so weird, to which she replied:

"Weird?  Back off, bubba!  Smith and Wesson and Me don't take no crap from no men! Now shut up and paddle !"

Well, ever since then, none of us guys ever lip off Katerina.

In all fairness, once you get used to her peculiar quirks, you'll really dig Katerina.  She can be such a sweetie sometimes, especially when she lets you go to the gun range with her.

If you're ever in Edmonton, and you need your teeth cleaned at a discount, let Katerina know!  Otherwise, stay out of her way.

You're the best, K...  It's good to have you paddling with us!

Here's K. with Robyn... as you can see, she's a little stressed over getting her photo taken!

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