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Paddler of the Week


The Featured Rats Paddler of the Week is Joanna 


Age:  32

Sign: Capricorn

Occupation:  Internet Usability Analyst

Favorite Song: "Principles of Lust" by Enigma

Favorite Movie:   Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx

Hobbies: knife-throwing, handgun shooting, beating up on Paul

Personal Hero Figures:  Sharon Stone, Dolph Lundgren, Batman.

Favorite quote: "Whenever I feel compelled to be nice to my fellow person, I go and kick the punching bag until that feeling goes away."





Joanna is an IT Internet Usability Analyst.  She also works as a handgun instructor at a local Edmonton shooting range.

This is Joanna's first year paddling She was really resistant to the idea at first, claiming that boating is for wimps, but once we told her she gets to use a spear-like device to stab water repeatedly and quash her enemies, she became very attracted to the violent aspect of the sport.

Now, Joanna can be found vigorously paddling about the rivers and lakes of Alberta, looking for enemies to haka at and then vanquish.

When she is not paddling, shooting, or evaluating web development projects, you can find Joanna making knives in her garage, or watching Dolph Lundgren movies with her cat and Rottweiller.

Tom Selleck asked me to be his body double once... but the director said I was too tall!

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