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The Featured Paddler of the Week is Father Jed Nesbitt


Age:  26

Sign: Aquarius

Occupation:  Seminary Candidate: St. Joseph's College for Catholic Priests

Favorite Song: "Wind Beneath My wings" by Bette Midler

Favorite Movie:  Sister Act 2

Hobbies: solitaire, mountain biking, reading Home and Garden

Personal Hero Figures:  Martha Stewart, the Iron Chef

Favorite quote: "I was actually going to become a proctologist, but somebody said it was a sh*tty job.."


This is Jeff on a night away from the seminary.  He took us to go see "Pocahontas".


Jed is our resident Man of the Cloth.   Habib saw him in church one day, and thought, "that priest is pretty muscular.   Maybe we should get him to paddle on our boat, and bless us, too!"

Jed is a really friendly guy, so he took us up on our invitation to paddle, and now he is one of our strongest River Rats! Despite that he doesn't go partying with us too often, he certainly comes out to show great spirit and sportsmanship at all of our race events!

When Jed isn't busy studying latin catechisms and theological debates, you can find him playing solitaire, cooking in front of the TV with the Iron Chef, and decorating the seminary dorm with plants and homemade decor.

We asked Father Jed why he decided to give up pre-med for the Church, to which he replied,

"I was never really did well with women, so this seemed like a natural career choice for me."

Father Jed's graduation will be in July of 2001, where he expects to be assigned to a remote parish in Nunavut, Northern Canada.

You're the best, Jed!  It's good to have you paddling with us!

Put whisky in my Gatorade?  Come on you guys... I'm going to be a priest in 12 months!

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