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The Featured Paddler of the Week is Habib Belair


Age:  38

Sign: Sagittarius

Occupation:  Aerobics and Tae-Bo Instructor

Favorite Song: "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movie:   Deuce Bigelow

Hobbies: finger painting,  fur trapping  and reading romance novels.

Personal Hero Figures:  Mickey Rourke and Pierre Trudeau

Favorite quote: "If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to buy a million dollars worth of Old Milwaukee beer, and then live off the empties."


Habib is a full-time tae bo and aerobics instructor for two local gyms here in Edmonton.  He teaches all levels of fitness, but he says that he prefers the beginner class because he "can really work with people, motivating them to be better than they originally thought."

Habib is a real character... not only does he bounce around in lycra to the sounds of Madonna and and Aqua, but he is also an accomplished fur trapper.  When asked about this curious hobby, he says that he "prefers not to comment, because most people misunderstand just how much profit I can make from these fine dead animals."

When Habib isn't busy giving aerobics, hitting a punching bag, or skinning small animals,  you can find him relaxing with a good Jackie Collins book or Jane Austen classic.  He claims he has read "Pride and Prejudice" 6 times, but we think he just rents the video repeatedly. 

Habib is married with 6 children.

You're the best, Habib!  It's good to have you paddling with us!

My tongue has hair on it!  What did you put in my martini?

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