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Sep. 4, 2000


Tonia: Paddler of the Week


Schedule 2000


New DB Links and info


Kelowna: here we come


Rats take the Gold in Edmonton!


Rats Women kick some XY chromosome butts!


Newspaper articles on the Edmonton Festival


Animation of a basic dragon boat stroke



Paddles UP!
I'm not a rower, or a canoeist or a kayaker.
It doesn't matter where I live,
As long as there is reasonably flat water.
It doesn't matter what I drive,
As long as I can get to the practice site.

And I do know Dennis, Nick, Annette and Sheila from The River Rats,
And Tom & Mike from The Magic Dragons
'Cuz dragonboating is such a friendly sport.

I use a paddle...not an oar.
I don't chili-dip during a race.
I believe in paddling for fun & racing to win!
And I pronounced it POE-ghee, not poh-ghee!!

I can proudly wave my paddle from my dragonboat
At the end of the race
When my team comes in first!!!

I am not a wimpy baseball or tennis player,
I will not melt in the rain.
I paddle in rain, snow, sleet or shine.
And YES, I WILL attempt to race even during a thunderstorm!

Dragonboating IS a year round competitive sport,
Dragonboating is NOT for armchair athletes,
and dragonboating IS the BEST sport of all time

And it IS pronounced DRAG-on-boat-ing, not drag-ON-BOAT-ing,

My name is Dennis!!!
AND I AM A DRAGONBOATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!