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May 7, 2001:
River practices begin early May

Exact dates TBA.



May 6, 2001:
NEW: Email Distribution List Server for Rats Members

Check your email box for the secret URL that you need 
to join our email list.

If you have not yet received the secret email, 
please send a note to  

April PARTY at the URBAN Lounge:

Friday 20 April was a success!

The door-entry fees collected went to supporting 
the Muskrats Team for their Vancouver race in June!


April 18, 2001 News:

1) Minutes of the 9 April 2001 meeting...

2) Minutes of the 15 March 2001 meeting...

3) New Paddlers: Basic Technique Explained Here...

4) First Race of 2001: Vancouver Alcan Festival, women's, June 23-24

5) Second Race of 2001: Saskatoon DB Festival, July 7 and 8







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Padding in a special wooden dragon boat...this one was made in Hawai'i

Archive: Sep. 4 2000 Newsletter

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