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The River Rats in Kelowna, September 2000

What our club is about

The Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club is NOT a profit organization.  We are, pure and simply, Canadian amateur athletics.

We paddle and race together because we love the sport, we love the sportsmanship, and we love the culture and camaraderie of being around outgoing Canadians.

What we stand for

Dragon boat racing is a community sport... it is an ancient tradition born from ancient villages of Chinese people banding together.

We at the EDBRC want to honour that cultural heritage and that community intent.  We also want to be excellent examples of sportsmanship and patriotic Canadian pride.

The EDBRC stands for: fairness, integrity, passion, loyalty, and friendship. We believe in preserving the culture of this ancient Chinese sport.  We also believe that culture and fun should be at the center of every dragon boat race around the world.

Our members: although this sport is originally a Chinese tradition, our membership is represented by every kind of person and ethnic culture in Edmonton.  As long as you are committed to practicing and being a team player and sportsman, you are welcome at our club.

Our place in the community: As part of the commitment to the sport, the EDBRC asks for volunteer time from its members:  we offer services to the community as volunteer coaches, steersmen, drummers, and race logisticians, and we provide this through our members, who give of their own time without pay.

Our Partner: the EDBFA

The EDBRC partners with another non-profit group: The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association. The EDBFA is dedicated to hosting and organizing the annual August Dragon Boat Races here in Edmonton.

How to Contact Us 

1) Phone:  (780) 427-6515 (ask for Dennis)

2) General email inquiries:

3) Webmaster: Paul Gil

4) To find a specific executive member, please visit our Executive page on this site.

River Rats and their friends, the Calgary Magic Dragons, September 2000

Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club


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