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Dennis Belair

(780) 915-5285


Vice President
Michelle Manovich


Marketing Representative
Rob Borrelli


Brian Lee


Chief Information Officer
Paul Gil



The EDMONTON DRAGON BOAT RACING CLUB is led by several volunteer members, who bring both their professional expertise and their racing experience to the club. None of the executive are paid for their efforts; the club leadership is fuelled solely by passion, sportsmanship, and a love for the camaraderie of this cultural sport.


Dennis Belair is an experienced not-for-profit director and a race veteran of many Dragon Boat Festivals. He has strong leadership skills and a passionate motivation to make this sport a big part of the Edmonton community. Dennis has paddled on medal-winning teams for the last 4 years.

Vice President

Michelle Manovich is an oil-and-gas professional, and a long-time competitive paddler. Her leadership strength, organization skills, and energy are valuable assets to our club.


Brian Lee is an experienced professional accountant and veteran of the 1999 Dragon Boat Race Season. His financial wizardry will be invaluable to our non-profit group, which needs every fiscal advantage it can leverage. Brian also speaks rudimentary Maori, and is our resident translator of New Zealand lore.

Chief Information Officer

Paul Gil is a 4-year veteran of dragon boat racing, and is a Certified Web Professional and Database Developer. Paul will keep the electrons and information moving within the EDBRC, and will implement databasing, publishing, and a solid web infrastructure for our organization.

Marketing Representative

Rob Borrelli, also an Information Technology professional, is our primary marketing liaison with corporate entities around Edmonton. Rob liaises with our community sponsors, while doing double-duty as an I.T. person to ensure that the EDBRC remains a high-tech organization.

Coaching Staff  

is comprised of volunteers at intermediate or advanced levels of paddling skill.  All of our executive members do double duty as coaches for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Our advanced-level coach, Andy Lee, is a 10-year veteran of dragon boating, including long seasons with the False Creek Racing Canoe Club  (home of the World Champion Canadian Womens Team). 

Our Directors-at-Large

Our D.A.L. members are those volunteers who share in the logistical and executive duties necessary to keep our club moving forward.  Their job descriptions are amorphous-yet-critical, and they do everything from securing boats to purchasing supplies to databasing member info to desktop publishing to fundraising to race logistics.  Thank you to all the new Directors-at-Large for 2001:

Michelle Follensbee
Lisa Jordan
Angie Guerreiro
Nick Hindle
Elaine Wannechko
Bilinda Wagner
Annette Hudon
Catherine Lea  (hop a long Cassidy)
Sheila Porter (The Big "O")
Tania Topolnysky
Nykie Graham
Speedo Boy Robyn Young
John Bohaychuk


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