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The Featured Paddler of the Week is "Booty Rat" Brian Kee


Age:  32

Sign: Gemini

Occupation:  Midwife

Favorite Song: "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain

Favorite Movie:  It's a Wonderful Life

Hobbies: winemaking, model railroads, dirty dancing

Personal Website: dance me, baby!

Personal Hero Figures:  Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Martha Stewart

Favorite quote: "A narcissist is someone better looking than you are. " 
- Gore Vidal .
















Brian is one of our beloved paddlers.  We found him through Joanna, whose sister had Brian as a midwife back in 1999.

Brian took to paddling like a fish to water.  He has those big forearms from helping women childbirth, so gripping the dragon boat paddles is easy for him.

When he's not busy helping new babies into the world, or paddling madly with us River Rats, you can find Brian at the local rave scene, or at home building model railroads.  He is also an gourmet- cook - in - training and amateur winemaker.  Brian loves to serve sushi to his houseguests on the backs of his tiny railroad cars.  He then follows these little payloads of fish with white wine from his basement caskets. It is a truly cool experience to have dinner at Brian's place.

Brian is a real character, too. Once, we asked him what's it's like for him to be the only male midwife in northern Alberta. 

He responded: "Well, I could have become an accountant, but I wanted more excitement.  Plus, I get to meet a lot of women in my work."

Brian seems to meet women everywhere, even beyond his midwife work.  Recently in Saskatoon, Brian earned his nickname "Booty Rat" by his suggestive dancing at the Odeon nightclub.  To the delighted "oooo's" and "aaaaahs" of the women on the dance floor, Brian shook and wiggled his booty in ways

You're the best, Brian!  It's great to have you paddling with us!

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