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The Featured Paddler of the Week is
Andy Kee

Age:  31

Sign: Sagittarius

Occupation:  Veterinary Urologist

Favorite Song: "Touch It"  by Monifah

Favorite Movie: 9 1/2 Weeks

Hobbies: trying to meet girls, making beer sausage, surfing the net

Personal Hero Figures:  Antonio Banderas, Tom Greene, Cuba Gooding Jr.

Favorite quote: "A day without sunshine is like night."


Andy usually works at the vet clinic, ensuring that livestock successfully procreates.  He regularly operates on thoroughbred horses and stud bulls.

Here's Andy after a busy day at the office, celebrating the recent birth of a new baby Hereford calf near Calgary.

(no, that's not a placenta he's chewing on. That fertility thing is a silly myth started by some people from Saskatchewan.)


Andy is a truly talented paddler and veterinarian.  We discovered him when Dennis' pet horse needed to be neutered.

Every horse owner in the Calgary area says "If you need your horse to shoot better semen, or if you want to stop your horse from shooting semen, Andy Kee is the man to see."

(I guess Andy's fertility techniques are renowned throughout the thoroughbred racing industry and the bovine cattle industry)

Well, Dennis took his pet horse, Swinger, down to Andy's clinic.  Andy let Dennis watch during the operation, where the conversation turned to paddling.

(Actually, the conversation started when Andy asked about the paddle-sized bruises on the horse's flanks)

Dennis' paddling stories entranced the talented Dr. Andy Kee, so much so that Andy came to dragon boat practice the next night.   He even brought analgesics for our aching muscles, and udder balm to soothe our chafed hands.

(as you might guess, Andy became very popular with our clubbers that first practice!)

Andy got hooked on dragon boating from that very first practice. He grunted and snorted all the way through the paddling sequences like he was born to it!

Today, Andy remains one of our very best and very strongest paddlers! 

If you ever need a team coached in dragon boating, or if you have a horse or bull with fertility problems, give Andy a call, or email him at

We love you, Andy! 





Andy loves women.  Here he is, flirting with a pretty girl from BC.  




Andy loves to pretend he is a rock star.  Here he is, pretending he is Dean Martin at a party.

Brian (to the left), makes a pretty convincing Sammy Davis Jr., don't you think? 


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