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The Featured Paddler of the Week is Elaine Rochenko


Age:  22

Sign: Taurus

Occupation:  Hairstylist

Favorite Song: "Need You Tonight" by INXS

Favorite Movie:  American Psycho

Hobbies: cycling, rave parties, kayaking

Personal Hero Figures:  Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Stephen Hawking

Favorite quote: "If it weren't for going to church as a kid, I'd be in jail now " 
- Al Pacino

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Elaine is one of our beloved paddlers since 1999.  She joined our group after she found out about us through her church.

The pastor was talking one day about how he had paddled in a dragon boat with Father Jed Nessler, and how friendly all of the people were.  Elaine, listening eagerly during this sermon, asked Fr. Jean if she could attend the next dragon boat practice with him.

She got into the 48-foot six-sixteen hull with us, and Elaine has been a believer ever since.  She now helps as one of our front "stroke" paddlers, and she's also dabbling in drumming.

Elaine is also real character. Once, we asked her why she likes to yell at other paddlers in the boat.

She responded: "These lazy bums don't have good form!  I just want to take my knife and show them how to keep a good stroke!   Teamwork, you know... sometimes you just have to beat it into people."

You're the best, Elaine!  It's great to have you paddling with us!

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