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Special thanks go out the following super people:

United Cycle Sports, who has contributed directly to our club's visibility!!

Sugoi Performance Apparel, who has clothed our Muskrats Team so beautifully!

Breast Friends Cancer Society, who have contributed both directly to our club, and to the whole sport by showing indomitable spirit and good karma.


Mr. John Bohaychuk, whose I.T. efforts keep us graphical, and his famous Babelfish company hosts our ad-free website.

Babelfish Corporation, for hosting our domain.

Ms. Joanna Gurnitsky, our team manager and Usability Analyst. Joanna has assisted greatly in the design and development of this website, including shooting many of the beautiful action photos from our Kelowna trip in September of 2000.

Vincent Lo and the FCRCC in Vancouver, for being a training resource and template for our club paddling technique.

The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association and Avenue of Nations, whose generosity has fuelled our club's water time and entries for 2000.



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Ms. Maureen Elko, whose awesome Booster Juice smoothies have powered our paddlers to victory throughout 2000.

The Edmonton Queen owners and operators, who have graciously shared their Rafter's Landing with our club.

Cliff's Towing, for storing and moving the Festival boats.




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