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Welcome, dragon boaters, and dragon-boaters-to-be!

The EDBRC is here to promote the sport of dragon boating in the Edmonton area, and to cultivate novice and advanced talent for entry into Western Canadian race festivals.

Working in partnership with the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association and the Edmonton Queen Docks, the EDBRC plans to make Edmonton a significant element in the international sport of dragon boat racing.




To join our cheerful ranks, please come to our free drop-in practices on Friday evenings during the summer, 7pm at Edm Queen Rafter's Landing.

Our members-only practices are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For more  information about joining the EDBRC as a member or sponsor, please call Dennis B. at (780) 427-6515, or email us.

For more information and photos about the sport,
please visit the links below,
or download the training manual at the bottom of this page.


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Alvin's Intl. Dragon Boat page False Creek, Vancouver
Paul's Dashboard Ottawa Festival
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Alberta Dragon Boat Festival INTL Dragon Boat links
Hong Kong DB Festival Gorging Dragons
DragonCup USA Boston Festival
Draggin' Butt, Manitoba New York Festival

download the Dragon Boat Training Manual
(Fitness and Technique information, 221kb, 22 pages, Word 97 format)





special thanx to Bob Ullrich and Vincent Lo for the photos