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The EDBRC came about through the efforts of AusCan Intl, and the paddlers of Team DragonFly, 1999.  Our club has honorary members from Australia and New Zealand.

The EDBRC is a newly formed non-profit sports organization and fun athletic club. As the sport of dragon boating grows exponentially in Canada, the EDBRC plans to address the need for leadership in the Edmonton area.

Our ongoing mission is to promote and foster the general development of the dragon boating sport in Northern Alberta. By employing positive public relations and education, and applied programs in leadership, training, technique, fitness and confidence building, we plan to build a core base of several dozen strong dragon boat racers who will enter three or four major race festivals each summer. We will also assist in other Edmonton area teams developing their skills, promoting Edmonton as a national entity in dragon boat racing.

The first immediate goal of the EDBRC is to provide a structured participation forum for dragon boat racers in the Edmonton area. We plan to accomplish this by coaching and leading three teams to enter the race festivals in Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna in the summer of 2000.

The second immediate goal is to cultivate a core coaching staff, emulating the World Championship False Creek paddling technique, developed in Vancouver by Vincent Lo.

Our ongoing objective is to coach several competitive and recreational teams for future festivals, including the prestigious Vancouver race festival next June, and perhaps even San Francisco, Toronto and Hong Kong.

The EDBRC partners with another non-profit group: The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association. The EDBFA is dedicated to hosting and organizing the annual August Dragon Boat Races here in Edmonton.

As of this writing, the EDBRC has a membership base of approximately 60 core paddlers, and a secondary base of about 20 new paddlers. Membership is expected to reach 200 for 2001, and 300 for 2002.

Annual dues are $30 CDN, which includes your entry fee into the co-ed divisions of the Edmonton Race Festival, and all practices (four times per week), plus any informal steering and coaching clinics you attend.

Team jerseys are $35, and are supplied by Mountain Equipment Coop.

Entry Fees for Calgary and Kelowna are an additional $30 per person.

For more information about the sport, call us at 427-6515 (ask for Dennis), or email us.

Ah, victory!
We kicked butt, guys!  Nothing like bad weather to condition us Canadians!